about us

My name is Kyle Callahan and I love creating visually appealing images.

-Kyle Callahan

For as long as I can remember I loved putting my ideas down in a physical form. I love creating a visually appealing images; whether it be drawn, painted, photographed, or done digitally.

I graduated from the Graphic Design Program at the College of the North Atlantic on Prince Phillip Drive, and through the courses I developed my love for photography.

Since graduation I feel like I've accomplished much with my work. Freelancing here and there and even selling my work at conventions. I'm known for one of my images, "East Meets East" (Godzilla in the St. John's Harbour). One of my pieces, "The Aftermath", was showcased at the Rooms for the "Arts & Letters Competion".

meet kyle

Working with Kyle is always going to be a good experience. He is so easy going which makes your big day that much better, our wedding day was such a relaxing and enriching experience. Kyle's background and amazing technical skills brings so much life to his photography and he has developed such a unique eye for the beauty around him. Thank you Kyle, for making our day so relaxing and amazing.

-Love always, Nicole & Justin